About Us


Our Approach

At Rino Agency we understand that being an entrepreneur takes renaissance man type skills. While not everyone can be a master of all trades, everyone can network with those that are. Our team consists of incredibly skilled entrepreneurs from all walks of life, equipped with the tools and insight to tackle any obstacle.

Our Story

It is our duty to ensure our clients maximize the potential of their businesses, so that we can change the world together. Collectively we have launched countless brands and have the experience, knowledge, and analytics to replicate this success time and again. From importing retail products and equipment to marketing, branding and dominating search engines, our team does it all, so you can too.

Meet the Team

The foundation with which our team is built upon is the drive and desire for financial freedom. Our co-founders started with next to nothing and have built multiple six figure E-commerce businesses from the ground up.

While our specialty lies in E-commerce, our philosophy is that every industry has something to gain from creative marketing and lower inventory/equipment costs.

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Alex Giancaterino

Co-Founder & CEO

Alex recognized the urgent need for businesses to gain exposure for their products and services. With his skill set and experience building brands, he's helped countless entrepreneurs on their quests to financial freedom.

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Saide Saddiq

Co-Founder & CMO

Saide has always been the go-getter of this dynamic duo, he could sell ice to an Eskimo. He truly understands people, and is an integral part of our team. Saide works one on one with our clients, developing their individual strategies with his unique sales and marketing abilities.

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